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Dedupe your data to local or cloud storage


How To Convince Your Boss To Adopt OpenDedup for Deduplication

As the person responsible for IT storage for your organization, you must be teeming with excitement over the prospect of using OpenDedup open source deduplication for your data, especially after reading about all of the benefits when using it for your data backup The next step is to get approval from your boss. To save you…
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The Cost of Zero Value Data

I’ve always thought of corporate data as some of the most valuable assets a company owns.  Now not all of the data is valuable.  For instance there is likely to be data that is kicking around that isn’t required for regulatory purposes, current business needs, or that even have any historical value to the company.…
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Understanding the Power of Data Deduplication

There is a lot of buzz in the IT world these days about data deduplication, but what exactly is it and why would I want it? Let me define what deduplication is. If you have a file set and in the file set are Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, CAD drawings and text files, then there…
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top 5 reasons to use OpenDedup

Top 5 Reasons to Use OpenDedup for Data Backup

Data deduplication compresses all your redundant data so you can minimize your backup requirements and maximize your storage utilization. So, why backup the same file several times? Here’s how it works-  we backup the first bit of unique data and anytime we come across that same piece of data we reference it in a table after…
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File System

SDFS is a POSIX compliant filesystem for Linux and Windows that performs inline deduplication to local disk or cloud object storage. This means it works natively with the applications such as backup and vmware without any changes. All you do is copy data and it dedupes, compresses, encrypts, and saves your data on disk or in…
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Cloud Storage Native

SDFS uses local or Cloud object storage for saving data after is deduplicated. It works will all the big players such as AWS S3, AWS Glacier, Azure, Google, and most S3 compliant backends. Deduplication and compression is really important when using cloud storage because it reduces the amount of bandwidth that you use to send…
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SDFS Depolys strong AES-CBC 256 bit encrytion. The encryption can be deployed for local or cloud backed data. This means that your data is secure from unwanted eyes whether its on disk or in the cloud. SDFS uses AES-CBS 256 Bit encryption with a rotating Initialization Vector. The SDFS config contains the unique 256 Bit AES…
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Scalable Performance

SDFS is fast. It runs on standard spinning disks at speeds of over 2GB/s for data that is highly redundant on a single server class CPU. On data that’s unique its performance is bound by your storage or cloud bandwidth, if your sending data to the cloud. It doesn’t need any special hardware it just…
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Netbackup And Backup Exec Ready

SDFS is qualified for use with NetBackup and Backup Exec and can be used as a target. OpenDedupe has even Developed and Qualified an OST connector for Netbackup with Veritas. This means that you can send dedupe netbackup images to the cloud through SDFS. OpenDedup OST Connector 2.2.0 The OpenDedup OST connector provides integration between NetBackup…
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Free and Opensource

SDFS if licensed under GPLv2. This means the its free to use and update as needed. SDFS is available on GitHub and the source is downloadable here.