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Top 5 Reasons to Use OpenDedup for Data Backup

Dedupe your data to local or cloud storage

Top 5 Reasons to Use OpenDedup for Data Backup

top 5 reasons to use OpenDedup

Data deduplication compresses all your redundant data so you can minimize your backup requirements and maximize your storage utilization. So, why backup the same file several times?

Here’s how it works-  we backup the first bit of unique data and anytime we come across that same piece of data we reference it in a table after that.

Here are 5 more reasons to use OpenDedup (ODD) for your enterprise backup needs: 

1. Reduce Cost

When you deduplicate what you store – you store less data. You also send less data over the network, which means you save money in hardware and network costs. In total, the business benefits of data deduplication include:

  • Reduced hardware costs
  • Reduced backup costs
  • Reduced costs for business continuity/disaster recovery
  • Increased storage efficiency
  • Increased network efficiency

2. Improved Cloud Security

OpenDedup implements military-grade AES-256 CBC bit encryption to protect your data at-rest and in-flight. With ODD, you use cloud storage safely, securely, and efficiently – even with applications that were previously never cloud-capable.

3. Optimized Replications and Duplication Choice

With OpenDedup, you can choose to leverage cloud economies of scale to save money or you can use a secondary data center as a replica target.

Data replication between any OpenDedup destinations with or without a backup solution, is always optimized. Optimized replication only transmits unique or new fragments to the remote location(s). This saves time, reduces bandwidth requirement, and lowers the overall cost.

4. Extend Veritas NetBackup Appliance Storage Capability

OpenDedup is fully certified to work in conjunction with Veritas NetBackup appliances. If you reached the storage capacity of your NetBackup appliance, or just need additional deduplicated storage space – OpenDedup is a perfect fit for you.

5. Implement True Global Deduplication for Multi Node Backup

Enhance your existing international backup solution with True Global Deduplication. When Data is backed up using multiple nodes or multiple media servers, the node-to-node communication recognizes that if one node already has a copy of the data, the other nodes are not required to re-write the same data. True Global Deduplication makes the data deduplication process more effective and increases the data deduplication ratio (the ratio of protected capacity to the actual physical capacity stored), which helps to reduce the required capacity across all backup media servers.

Interested in learning more about OpenDedup for Data Backup or testing it out for yourself? Click here to visit our OpenDedup overview where you can do both! 

You can also book a 15-minute overview with our team to learn more or email us at info@polarkey.com.

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