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How To Convince Your Boss To Adopt OpenDedup for Deduplication

Dedupe your data to local or cloud storage

How To Convince Your Boss To Adopt OpenDedup for Deduplication


As the person responsible for IT storage for your organization, you must be teeming with excitement over the prospect of using OpenDedup open source deduplication for your data, especially after reading about all of the benefits when using it for your data backup

The next step is to get approval from your boss. To save you some of that convincing work, we’ve put together this helpful list with some talking points you can use, plus a downloadable guide to help answer the questions your boss is most likely to ask you.

Tip #1 – Show Them the Money

We talked about this briefly in the Top 5 Reasons post, but it’s worth highlighting in a bit more detail. Your boss will want to know exactly how this is going to affect the bottom line, so make sure you highlight the specific areas where you will save when it comes to deduplication, such as:

  • Servers – It’s simple really. With OpenDedup, you won’t lose any important files, but you’ll reduce the amount of space they take up. With OpenDedup, you can save  80, 90% or more on your storage needs, which ultimately means you’re spending less on storage costs


  • Open-Source – With the combination of PolarKey Technologies support and OpenDedup’s free open-source deduplication solution, companies can benefit from the cost savings of not having to pay ongoing software licensing fees and access a level of support that exceeds that of other providers with PolarKey’s 35+ years of experience as a support organization, all for less than the cost to use other backup solutions.


  • Data Life Cycle Management – When using OpenDedup as a destination for your data life cycle management product, you can set rules about where your data will live and when it will move from primary storage to archive storage, like Amazon Glacier or Azure Blob. Additionally, if you work with one of our PolarKey Technologies support specialists for OpenDedup, we can work with you, make recommendations and advise you on best practices to save you money on costly storage you don’t need, while making sure the important information you need in primary storage stays in primary storage.


  • Tape storage costs  If you’re currently storing data on tapes, there’s no doubt this work is very time-consuming, expensive, and potentially full of flaws. We could write several posts on this topic alone, so I’ll keep this point brief. One of the OpenDedup services that PolarKey Technologies offers is TapeTerminator, which essentially eliminates the need for tape storage altogether. This means no more paying for tape libraries or cartridges with prices around $70-$80 for 15TB of compressed data on an LTO7 tape cartridge. As a bonus, you’re also not worrying about tape deterioration or downtime for backup.


Tip #2 – Help them understand the available options

Chances are your boss is familiar with deduplication in general and they’re trusting you to make the final decision about what you need. They likely don’t care about the nitty gritty details as much as you might.

For you, we’ve put together some detailed guides comparing OpenDedup to Veritas Cloud Catalyst and Microsoft StorSimple that cover areas such as pricing and support, operating systems, use cases, supported destination storage, deployment options, etc.

For your boss, we’ve condensed the info here to include the items from this list that they likely care about the most, i.e. What are the associated costs? Which operating systems are supported? Feel free to save a copy to pass along by right clicking then hitting, “Save image as…”


Comparison of OpenDedup to Veritas and Microsoft Solutions for Pricing and Support and Operating Systems.

Tip #3 – Let them know they’ll be well taken care of

When it comes to open source software, one hesitation that organizations have about adoption is that the software won’t be supported, and the organization will be left on its own to deal with things like implementation, training, troubleshooting etc.This is where the strength of PolarKey’s support team comes in. Our extensive experience in the areas of data protection and deduplication will allow us to provide tailored on-going support solutions for your organization.

PolarKey Technologies has partnered with Datish, aka the creator of OpenDedup to provide support services for the open-source deduplication software. In addition to ongoing management of support issues, the support team can assist with implementation, training and in some cases can be completed in as little as 1-2 days. The best part is that PolarKey Technologies doesn’t outsource support to other companies. We will handle your cases from beginning to end, without passing you along. We know that nobody likes repeating their issue to a dozen different agents, so we won’t do it to you.

Tip #4 – Address their questions and concerns

There’s an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. The problem with this reactionary approach is that businesses following it will inevitably end up left behind their competitors. Adoption of deduplication has become fairly common over the past few years, especially with regards to data backup. A 2016 SearchStorage survey among storage professionals found that 41% of respondents planned to spend on deduplication related software to protect their data. Additionally, a recent Technavio report has predicted adoption of data deduplication appliances is expected to continue growing by a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of about 11% between 2017-2021.

We understand that with change comes a lot of questions and hesitations, and we’d like to help ease those for you.


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