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Backblaze B2 Enabled

Dedupe your data to local or cloud storage

Backblaze B2 Enabled

OpenDedup and Backblaze B2

OpenDedup + Backblaze B2 = Cloud Storage Happiness

Backblaze B2 is a leader in low cost cloud storage and OpenDedup is the leader in getting your data to the cloud. So the question is, how can I use OpenDedup to get my data to Backblaze B2. Follow the steps below to use OpenDedup with Backblaze B2.

It is highly recommended you work with OpenDedup’s exclusive support partner (PolarKey Technologies) to get this done right.

Features Supported:

  • Variable Block Deduplication to cloud storage
  • Local Data Caching
  • Encryption
  • Bandwidth Throttling
  • Fast Cloud Recovery
  • Windows and Linux Support

First things First – Get your Access and Secret Key

  1. Log into your B2 Account at https://secure.backblaze.com/user_signin.htm
  2. Click on “Show Account ID and Application Key”

3. Click “Create Application Key”

4. Take note of the application id and application key.

Setup Steps for Windows:

  1. Download the Latest SDFS Windows Release
  2. Setup SDFS on your System and then reboot.
  3. Once you reboot open a command prompt as administrator

4. At the Command prompt create a new filesystem with the following command line:

mksdfs --volume-name=<volume-name> --volume-capacity=<capacity> --backblaze-enabled --cloud-access-key=<access-key> --cloud-secret-key=<secret-key> --cloud-bucket-name=<bucket name>
mksdfs --volume-name=b4 --volume-capacity=4TB --backblaze-enabled --cloud-access-key=bbba989eebf7 --cloud-secret-key=777777ff8dc9b8c35750364bcfd33bc0de68f8de7d1 --cloud-bucket-name=sdfsb4

5. Mount the filesystem from the command prompt:

mountsdfs -v <volume-name> -m <drive-letter>


mountsdfs -v b4 -m z

6. Move some data to B2

Setup on Linux

  1. Download the Latest SDFS Linux Release
  2. Setup SDFS on your System.
  3. Make a Filesystem
mkfs.sdfs --volume-name=<volume-name> --volume-capacity=<capacity> --backblaze-enabled --cloud-access-key=<access-key> --cloud-secret-key=<secret-key> --cloud-bucket-name=<bucket name> 
mkfs.sdfs --volume-name=b4 --volume-capacity=4TB --backblaze-enabled --cloud-access-key=bbba989eebf7 --cloud-secret-key=777777ff8dc9b8c35750364bcfd33bc0de68f8de7d1 --cloud-bucket-name=sdfsb4

4. Mount the filesystem

mount -t sdfs <volume-name> <mount-point>
mount -t sdfs b4 /mnt

Share out the Drive Letter:

  1. Right Click on the Dedupe Filesystem drive letter in Explorer and click on Properties
  2. Click on the Sharing Tab

4. Click on Advanced Sharing

5. Create A share and click “OK”

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